Copper Laser Optics By SpawrSpawr-Copper-Laser-Optics-Laser-Mirrors-Image-2

High-energy lasers require the best mirrors available. Copper laser optics by SPAWR offer the highest quality and surface damage threshold available for medium and long-wavelength infrared laser beams. See our Laser Metal Mirror Selection Guide. (download here)

In 1969 SPAWR Industries began providing the highest quality and performance components for advanced Laser Technology products serving worldwide industrial, scientific, and government markets.

Since then, SPAWR Industries, Inc. has continually introduced new and innovative improvements to our product line and to the global science of laser machining. Our research personnel uses the highest quality materials.

As our products are assembled, we qualify them through an extensive testing program to insure functional reliability in the field. SPAWR Industries is committed to the never-ending introduction of state-of-the-art products.

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