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Copper Laser Optics By Spawr

High-energy lasers require the best mirrors available. Uncoated copper laser optics by SPAWR offer the highest quality and surface damage threshold available for medium and long wavelength infrared laser beams.

In 1969 SPAWR Industries began providing the highest quality and performance components for advanced Laser Technology products serving worldwide industrial, scientific, and government markets. Since then, SPAWR Industries, Inc. has continually introduced new and innovative improvements to our product line and to the global science of laser machining. Our research engineers use the highest quality materials. As our products are assembled, we qualify them through an extensive testing program to insure functional reliability in the field. SPAWR Industries commitment is to the never-ending introduction of the latest state-of-the-art products including Laser Mirrors, Laser Optics, Metal Mirrors, and Copper Laser Mirrors

Laser Mirrors That Set the Industry Standard

       Working with laser mirror technology requires a particular level of products used and attention to detail during the process. You already have the knowledge; let SPAWR Industries provide the quality products. Our company ships our products in reinforced boxes...

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Copper Laser Mirrors Excel In Dependability

Copper laser mirrors are the most ideal tool to work with when involved in laser technologies, as they are used primarily for CO2 laser cutting and engraving, as well as welding, among numerous other laser projects. Copper possesses an extremely high thermal...

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Laser Mirrors Set High Industry Standards

A major leader in laser mirror technology, SPAWR Industries maintains a certain pride and feeling of importance when it comes to properly caring for their products. The mirrors they produce are shipped in reinforced boxes, they offer maintenance knowledge and even...

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Laser Optics Dominate Everyday Products

Laser optics are what reflect the laser beam and direct it to the proper location. Used in a multitude of laser technologies, copper laser mirrors are an optimal solution to reflecting beams of light. Laser technologies are extremely efficient and precise and...

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SPAWR Industries Builds the Best Laser Optics

SPAWR Industries, a large laser optic solution provider, only offers the best in metal mirrors. To ensure the best possible product from using laser technology, they create solutions ideal for use in high power laser research. Specifically designed for use with laser...

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