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Copper Laser Optics By Spawr

High-energy lasers require the best mirrors available. Uncoated copper laser optics by SPAWR offer the highest quality and surface damage threshold available for medium and long wavelength infrared laser beams.

In 1969 SPAWR Industries began providing the highest quality and performance components for advanced Laser Technology products serving worldwide industrial, scientific, and government markets. Since then, SPAWR Industries, Inc. has continually introduced new and innovative improvements to our product line and to the global science of laser machining. Our research engineers use the highest quality materials. As our products are assembled, we qualify them through an extensive testing program to insure functional reliability in the field. SPAWR Industries commitment is to the never-ending introduction of the latest state-of-the-art products including Laser Mirrors, Laser Optics, Metal Mirrors, and Copper Laser Mirrors

Metal mirrors are needed for laser technology

Metal mirrors are crucial to the laser technology process, as laser beam tools do not possess a formal method to maneuver the actual laser on it’s own accord. Without these tools the laser beam would bounce from object to object, not even reaching the designated area...

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Copper Laser Mirrors, the Ideal Tool

When working with laser-involved projects, it is important to take into consideration the types of components put into use; this is where copper laser mirrors come in. As these tools are primarily put to use with CO2 laser cutting and engraving, welding and...

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Laser Mirrors, for Science and Art

Laser mirrors are not only put into use at businesses such as local engraving and welding companies, but also in government facilities, university research settings and even scientific institutions. The processes involved in laser technologies emanate an art form as...

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Laser Technologies Depend on Laser Optics

While laser technologies provide some of the best art, engineering and research, these machines depend on laser optics to do most of the work. These components direct the laser beam to their necessary location, no matter the project. Whether you are etching a label or...

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Quality Laser Mirror Technology

There is a particular level of attention to detail and a certain quality of products necessary when working with laser mirror technology. We know that you already possess the skill and knowledge, so let our quality of products at SPAWR Industries do the heavy lifting....

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Reflective Laser Technology

Most laser technology requires that mirrors reflect the laser itself, as there is no mechanism within the tool to direct the ray of light. Designed with various wavelengths and types of machines in mind, these components are the ideal tools to use in the process....

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Laser Mirrors Have Many Diverse Uses

Local engraving and welding companies are not the only businesses to use laser mirrors in laser systems. Government facilities, scientific institutions, university classes and even research groups use these components within their processes. The process of using laser...

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Metal Mirrors Are Essential Laser Components

There is no component within laser beam technologies that gives direction to the beam itself, and this is why metal mirrors are so critical in the process. These components essentially tell the beam of light where to go, so the beam does not bounce from object to...

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Laser Optics Must Be Flawless

Laser technologies depend on laser optics to reflect the light from the laser beam to the proper location, whether you are etching a label or creating a product for research purposes. These technologies are very efficient and precise tools, so it is crucial that the...

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