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High-energy lasers require the best laser mirrors available. Uncoated copper laser optics by SPAWR Industries offer the highest quality and surface damage threshold available for medium and long wavelength infrared laser beams.

We offer a repolishing service for your metal mirrors.

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You  can  also  order  our  NEW  Copper Laser Mirrors  Cleaning  Solution  by  clicking  the  Email  Us  button  above.

Spawr-Copper-Laser-Mirror-Cleaning-SolutionCOPPER  MIRROR  CLEANING  SOLUTION $49 – Catalog # CMCS 101 – 16 oz.

  1. Flush mirror surface with water to remove dust contamination.
  2. While still wet, spray mirror surface with Copper Mirror Cleaning Solution.
  3. Rinse mirror surface with de-ionized water or distilled water.
  4. Dry mirror surface using dry nitrogen gas or a 1 micron filtered low pressure compressed dry air supply.
  5. If the surface is heavily corroded repeat steps 2 – 4 several times.

Spawr Industries, Inc., 2051 Spawr Cir., Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403.

Spawr Copper Laser Mirrors  –  World Leaders in High Performance Laser Mirror Technology

Shipping Containers

Isometric View

Cross Section View




Description Laboratory Grade Industrial Grade
Reflectivity 99% @ 10.6 µ 99% @ 10.6 µ
Surface Accuracy λ/20 λ/10
Surface Smoothness 30Å RMS 45Å RMS
Scratch/Dig 20/10 60/40
Damage Threshold (1) >2.5 x 105 J/cm2 s 105 J/cm2 s
Material High Purity Copper High Purity Copper
Flatness or Sphericity for mirrors larger than 6″ diameter λ/10 @ 10.6 µ and 35Å RMS λ/5 @ 10.6 µ and 45Å RMS
 (1) SPAWR, “Metal Mirrors Selection Guide”

Standard Mirror Sizes

Laboratory Grade Catalog No. Industrial Grade Catalog No. Outside Diameter Thickness Approximate Weight
(mm) (inches) (mm) (inches)
LCu-001 ICu-001 25.4 1 6.4 0.25 1 oz.
LCu-015 ICu-015 38.1 1.5 6.4 0.25 2 oz.
LCu-021 ICu-021 50.8 2 9.7 0.38 6 oz.
LCu-041 ICu-041 76.2 3 12.7 0.50 1 lb.
LCu-061 ICu-061 101.6 4 19.0 0.75 3 lb.
LCu-101 ICu-101 152.4 6 25.4 1.00 8 lb.
LCu-121 ICu-121 203.2 8 38.1 1.50 24 lb.
LCu-141 ICu-141 254.0 10 44.5 1.75 45 lb.

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SPAWR is a major supplier of state-of-the-art metal mirrors for use in very high power laser research.

The highest quality metal mirrors, which have provided the highest CO2 laser damage threshold, are produced by SPAWR Industries.

A protective shipping/storage container is provided with each laser mirror.

SPAWR has been a leader in high performance laser technology products since 1969.

Mirrors larger than 10″ diameter, including custom mirrors, will be quoted on request.

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